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Why drone enthusiasts can be optimistic about the FAA’s proposed rule on line of sight… read»

Source: washingtonpost.com  (17Feb)

Battle of the drones: the little guys taking on the tech giants.
As Amazon and Google race to control the commercial drone market, will these enthusiasts beat them at their own game?read»

Source: theguardian.com  (07Feb)

More Nebraska farmers are becoming remote-control pilots with UAVs… read»

Source: nebraskaradionetwork.com  (03Feb)

Drone technology now poised to make leap to everyday life… read»

Source: greatfallstribune.com

The case for not banning drone flights in the Washington area… read»

Source: washingtonpost.com

FAA, Pirker settle UAS case for $1,100… read»

Source: uasmagazine.com  (23Jan)

Amazon and Google Drone Lobbying Group Seeks FAA Rules… read»

Source: nationallawjournal.com  (20Jan)

So How Do You Get to Fly a UAS Commercially?… read»

Source: gpsworld.com  (14Jan)

CNN Cleared To Test UAVs for Newsgathering… read»

Source: flyingmag.com  (13Jan)

Agriculture lands first drone approval… read»

Source: agri-pulse.com  (07Jan)

Why Americans should give drones a chance (video)… read»

Source: washingtonpost.com  (06Jan)

'No Date' For UAS Rules… read»

Source: avweb.com  (04Jan)

Congress likely to make key decisions on drones… read»

Source: chicago.suntimes.com  (28Dec)

Are you insured for your new drone? What are the insurance implications for the new wave of amateur drone pilots?read»

Source: journalism.co.uk  (U.K., 23Dec)

FAA Campaign Urges New Drone Owners To Fly Safely This Holiday Season (video)… read»

Source: sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com  (22Dec)

FAA Airs Drone Safety Campaign Video 'Know Before You Fly' (video)… read»

Source: techtimes.com  (24Dec)

Industry Proposes A 'Micro Drone' Rule As Regulatory Deadline Looms… read»

Source: forbes.com  (22Dec)

UAV controller for iPad and iPhone users. California startup uses magnesium thixomolding for near-net parts.read»

Source: onlineamd.com  (18Dec)

NYC lawmaker wants to ban drones except for cops with warrants. Unmanned aerial vehicles could be forbidden for hobbyists and companies.read»

Source: arstechnica.com  (18Dec)

AOPA Calls for Tough Penalties Against UAV Pilots… read»

Source: flyingmag.com  (11Dec)

Another four US companies granted approval for commercial drone use… read»

Source: gizmag.com  (10Dec)

FAA’s Slow Pace On Drones Draws Fire… read»

Source: blogs.rollcall.com  (10Dec)

Congress told US lags other nations on drones … read»

Source: timesdispatch.com  (Washington, DC, 10Dec)

Canada Eases Rules for Commercial Unmanned Flights; UAV Mischief Mounts in U.S.… read»

Source: insidegnss.com  (08Dec)

As Lawyers Begin Using Drones, Regulatory Issues Persist… read»

Source: njlawjournal.com  (05Dec)

If GoPro gets into consumer drones, the industry could finally have the innovation champion it needs… read»

Source: washingtonpost.com  (05Dec)

Ready To Fly a UAV Drone Over Your Fields?… read»

Source: farmprogress.com  (28Nov)

GoPro to launch own line of consumer helicopter drones with HD cameras… read»

Source: .ibtimes.co.uk  (02Dec)

San Francisco-based Airware wants to be the underlying framework/platform for future commercial UAVs' software and operating systems… read»

Source: cnn.com  (07Oct)

Park Service's Sweeping Ban Of Model Aircraft And Drones Creates Confusion… read»

Source: forbes.com  (20Jun)

What you need to know about commercial drones… read»

Source: engadget.com  (13Jun)

Rules over ‘drones’ up in the air… read»

Source: wtnh.com  (09Jun)

How Mesa County (Colorado) used drones in search and rescue efforts after landslide… read»

Source: cpr.org  (05Jun)

Civilian Drone Use in U.S. Seen Hitting Barriers … read»

Source: bloomberg.com  (06Jun)

Yes, drones really can help the planet. Here's why flying robots have plenty of potential in agriculture, infrastructure monitoring and conservationread»

Source: businessgreen.com  (05Jun)

Drones poised to fill Canadian skies. Will the benefits of the eyes in the skies outweigh the costs? … read»

Source: straight.com  (04Jun)

Australian company offers UAS training leading to CASA certificates. 'Restricted' courses limit pilot to automatic mode, and model used in training; 'Unrestricted' certificate allows operator to fly in manual modes, multiple craft (less than 7 kg/15.4 lbs), up to altitude of 400 feet, with visual line of sight (VLOS)… read»

Source: spatialsource.com.au  (03Jun)

Filmmakers petition FAA to let them shoot movies with drones… read»

Source: theverge.com  (02Jun)

Ol Pejeta wildlife sanctuary stops use of drones to curb poaching… read»

Source: coastweek.com  (01Jun)

Eyes in the sports sky: Drones are coming to a sports field near you, and not just for pretty video… read»

Source: espn.go.com  (29May)

How Drones Are Revolutionizing Disaster Relief… read»

Source: thinkprogress.org  (27May)

Drones Fighting the Sustainability Battle… read»

Source: environmentalleader.com  (22May)

Google Project Tango: Watch The 3D-Mapping Smartphone Ride An Autonomous Drone (video)… read»

Source: ibtimes.com  (23May)

Air-Vid Takes Off With Worldwide Directory of Drone and UAV Pilots. The Community Includes More Than 500 UAV Pilots from 44 Countriesread»

Source: roboticstomorrow.com  (22May)

Why Are People So Comfortable With Small Drones?… read»

Source: smithsonianmag.com  (22May)

Why Can't US Follow Australia's Approach To Small Drone Operations?… read»

Source: forbes.com  (21May)

(Canada) Drones have regulators, hobbyists on collision course. Canada's aviation overseers face their biggest challenge in generations… read»

Source: cbc.ca  (19May)

Drones give energy companies high hopes for safer work (video)… read»

Source: fuelfix.com  (19May)

Graduates with drone skills are going to be in demand soon … read»

Source: concordmonitor.com  (13May)

Speedier Commercial Drone-Flight Permits Possible by FAA … read»

Source: bloomberg.com  (14May)

Nest building, 3D printing aerial robots developed by researchers… read»

Source: www3.imperial.ac.uk  (08May)

Parrot unveils its ultra-light Bebop drone with a 14MP fish-eye high-def camera… read»

Source: venturebeat.com  (11May)

Anti-drone bill killed by La. House committee… read»

Source: washingtontimes.com  (06May)

Drone test site officially opens at UAF … read»

Source: newsminer.com  (06May)

The Looming Robotics Gap. Why America's global dominance in military technology is starting to crumble… read»

Source: foreignpolicy.com

News Media Join Fight Against FAA Commercial Drone Ban… read»

Source: forbes.com  (06May)

Drones worry crop sprayers… read»

Source: bismarcktribune.com

Robot Eyes Protecting From Above: Drones and Ocean Conservation… read»

Source: newswatch.nationalgeographic.com

Advertising by Drone Flies Into Philly Skies… read»

Source: nbcphiladelphia.com

(Canada) Small camera drone carries big video punch… read»

Source: thetelegram.com

Groundbreaking drone coverage of tornado damage piques ire of FAA (+video)… read»

Source: csmonitor.com

(Australia) E-Commerce And Retail Will Be The First Industries Transformed By Drones. We estimate that 12% of an estimated $US98 billion in cumulative global spending on aerial drones over the next decade will be for commercial purposes… read»

Source: businessinsider.com.au

FAA ‘looking into’ $10K fine for drone recording of tornado disaster area… read»

Source: rt.com

Are drones the next social media big thing?… read»

Source: emergencymgmt.com

Commercial Drones' Rise Seen As Growing Danger To Traditional Aircraft… read»

Source: ibtimes.com

In Pennsylvania, three bills introduced that aim to stop drones from spooking wildliferead»

Source: newsitem.com

Search and rescue group sues FAA over drone use. Texas EquuSearch contends that FAA rules do not bar drones for 'humanitarian use'… read»

Source: computerworld.com

UAVs: The Key for Precision Agriculture?… read»

Source: farmandranchguide.com

Drone built by Cal Poly (California) students wins contest… read»

Source: sanluisobispo.com

Drones: Journalism students give 'em a whirl… read»

Source: thestarpress.com

Drones at the annual National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference… read»

Source: tvtechnology.com

Man flying drone over crash scene in Ohio arrested, charged with felony of obstructing official business, and misdemeanor charges of misconduct at an emergency and disorderly conduct.… read»

Source: statter911.com

Kenyan wildlife conservancy Ol Pejeta -- East Africa’s largest black rhino sanctuary -- will use UAVs to curb poachingread»

Source: eturbonews.com

FAA Files Appeal Brief In Closely-Watched Drone Pilot Case… read»

Source: forbes.com

Google buys solar-powered drone company Titan Aerospace… read»

Source: cnet.com

"Good" Drones In The Service Of Serious Journalism… read»

Source: worldcrunch.com

Drones airborne to sell San Diego homes… read»

Source: utsandiego.com

FAA grounds humanitarian search-and-rescue drone flights… read»

Source: arstechnica.com

Faster method to detect farm problems takes flight… read»

Source: westernfarmpress.com

Triathlete injured as drone filming race falls to ground (Australia)… read»

Source: abc.net.au

Drone another tool in farmer's shed… read»

Source: pratttribune.com

How SA’s SteadiDrone is bringing awesome flying ‘copters to the world… read»

Source: ventureburn.com

Drone Journalism: Old stories, new perspectives… read»

Source: the-star.co.ke

Droned Up: Social network for the growing multi-rotor community. Share photos, videos and ideas… read»

Source: dronedup.com

Humanitarian drones to deliver medical supplies to roadless areas… read»

Source: theguardian.com

Colleges Team Up On Drone Farming Program… read»

Source: wyso.org

Eyes in the skies… read»

Source: economist.com

Thinking of building or flying a UAV (drone)? Confused about the regulations? Here's what you need to know to get started… read»

Source: popularmechanics.com

Popular TV program '60 Minutes' segment features flying demo at a park, trade show and experts, discusses regulation and privacy, and highlights future uses: agriculture, first responders, disaster relief. Interviews Senator Dianne Feinsteinread»

Source: youtube.com

Are we really ready to have UAVs become part of everyday life? As more and more flying robots take to the skies, have we prepared enough for this invasion?… read»

Source: baltimoresun.com

Drone rules for government agencies pitched… read»

Source: mydesert.com

Op-Ed: To Drone or Not to Drone, That is the Question… read»

Source: mediabistro.com

Should This Drone Have Flown Over East Harlem Firefighters?… read»

Source: mashable.com

FAA not backing down on regulating commercial use of small drones… read»

Source: inman.com

A stunning demonstration at SXSW: a UAV that zaps you with an 80,000 volt taserread»

Source: wtsp.com

Bring back the beer drones? Looking at the FAA argument that they have the authority to restrict commercial use of drones… read»

Source: slate.com

Are unmanned aerial systems (UAS) -- especially their nav/GPS systems -- easy to hack?… read»

Source: nbcnews.com

Awaiting FAA approval?? Nah, plenty of drones are right now up in the air and being used for commericial operationsread»

Source: mercedsunstar.com

Though unlawful right now to use UAVs for business, many anxious businesses are gearing up and moving forward… read»

Source: insidebayarea.com

Newly created UAV/UAS programs of study getting popular at a growing number of universitiesread»

Source: news.investors.com

John Stewart and the Daily Show broadcasts a recent special edition entitled "Drones"… read»

Source: thedailyshow.com

Is UAV/drone law becoming the newest law specialty? New York and Nevada lead the way… read»

Source: reviewjournal.com

Upcoming verdict in university gray-area drone court case could hasten the rise in commercial drones… read»

Source: commdiginews.com

UAVs will change the way we tell stories, especially in videos and filmread»

Source: medium.com

Scientists in Oklahoma think an unmanned aerial vehicle may be just the right tool to fly into a tornado to gain insight… read»

Source: mobile.abc.net.au

Who can create the best UAV to deliver public services? The race is on in the UAE… read»

Source: gulfbusiness.com

Just how far away are we in the U.S. to having drone-assisted commerce?read»

Source: mondaq.com

Data-hungry farmers envision UAVs with complex sensors .. and a flourishing app market for agriculture.read»

Source: modernfarmer.com


FAA issues its small drone rule… read»

Source: politico.com  (15Feb)

San Diego: SDSU Professor Using Drones to Inspect Disaster Sites.
Geography professor is harnessing the power of drones and other light aircraft to determine extent of damage after a disasterread»

Source: patch.com  (03Feb)

How these drones for disaster relief and eliminating landmines are aiming to rebrand the controversial technology… read»

Source: business.financialpost.com  (06Feb)

How to Stop Worrying and Learn To Love Drones… read»

Source: yahoo.com  (04Feb)

DJI firmware update makes the White House a drone no-fly zone… read»

Source: gizmag.com  (02Feb)

DUBAI: 39 contestants in race for UAE Drones for Good Award… read»

Source: zawya.com

FAA has work to do on drones: White House breach emphasizes regulatory need … read»

Source: bostonherald.com  (02Feb)

3D Robotics Launches DroneEDU to Unleash the Power of Drone Tech in the Classroom… read»

Source: roboticstomorrow.com  (29Jan)

How should licensing work for commercial drone operators? A look at Britain’s solution… read»

Source: washingtonpost.com  (21Jan)

Ex-Googlers Building Drones That Anybody Can Pilot With a Phone (video)… read»

Source: wired.com  (15Jan)

Drone regulation is not the problem, says 3D Robotics’ Chris Anderson (Q&A)… read»

Source: venturebeat.com  (13Jan)

International: Drones in Medicine Take Flight… read»

Source: medscape.com  (09Jan)

Delaware holds off on new drone laws… read»

Source: delawareonline.com  (08Jan)

FAA Grants Real Estate, Agricultural UAS Exemptions … read»

Source: suasnews.com  (06Jan)

Small UAV market to be worth $8.4 billion by 2019… read»

Source: flightglobal.com  (06Jan)

Drones on Autopilot That Follow Your Lead (Usually) (video)… read»

Source: wsj.com  (23Dec)

Quebec: Montrealer fined $1,000 for flying drone… read»

Source: thesudburystar.com  (Canada, 27Dec)

Drone under the tree? Here's what you need to know before you fly… read»

Source: cbsnews.com  (23Dec)

FAA's new drone safety campaign reminds you not to be stupid… read»

Source: engadget.com  (23Dec)

Santa delivering drones for Christmas amid rising safety concern… read»

Source: chicagotribune.com  (21Dec)

The Chinese Military's Response to Unannounced Drones: Blow ‘Em Out of the Sky … read»

Source: blogs.wsj.com  (15Dec)

PixiePath to offer cloud platform for drone flight control
The drones are coming but who'll provide flight control? … read»

Source: networkworld.com  (13Dec)

Top pilot sees risk in unregulated US drones… read»

Source: thedailystar.net  (12Dec)

House Aviation Subcommittee To Hold UAV Hearing… read»

Source: flyingmag.com  (09Dec)

FAA Faces Fresh Flak for Drone Policy… read»

Source: wsj.com  (10Dec)

America’s clumsy regulation of drones stirs up frustration, confusion… read»

Source: washingtonpost.com  (09Dec)

Canada: Police use Waterloo-built drones to help clear traffic accidents (video)… read»

Source: insidehalton.com  (06Dec)

Australia: Why children should be given a drone for Christmas (video)… read»

Source: dailytelegraph.com.au  (09Dec)

Drones' dangers confronted by Chris Anderson of 3D Robotics… read»

Source: cbsnews.com  (02Dec)

Senator Feinstein Now Using Safety Concerns To Target The Drone Industry… read»

Source: forbes.com  (03Dec)

Not an Airplane Pilot? You Won't Be Flying Commercial Drones… read»

Source: bwads.businessweek.com  (28Nov)

Soccer game abandoned after drone invasion sparks brawl… read»

Source: us.cnn.com  (14Oct)

FAA approves first commercial use of drones — for BP. The giant oil company used a drone to survey an oil field in Alaska … read»

Source: salon.com  (11Jun)

Unmanned aerial vehicles are flying to the farm (Georgia)… read»

Source: newsobserver.com  (10Jun)

Epson Moverio Smartglasses: video and control data displayed in your Moverio Smartglasses provides a bright, streaming video image from the camera mounted on your drone… read»

Source: suasnews.com  (05Jun)

AGRICULTURE: UAVs: The key for precision agriculture? Unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs) may be the next tool to improve precision agriculture… read»

Source: prairiebizmag.com  (29May)

Drone testing comes to Cape May County (New Jersey)… read»

Source: pressofatlanticcity.com  (31May)

Drones take flight from Knysna, South Africa. Knysna-based SteadiDrone is one of South Africa’s most impressive technological exports and this self-funded start-up is taking on the international drone market with great success… read»

Source: techcentral.co.za  (05Jun)

It’s always drone-y in Philadelphia for Max Tubman's Steam Machine Pictures… read»

Source: philly.com  (04Jun)

Could Drone Use Cut Into the Helicopter Filming Business? Some operators say with less restrictions set by the FAA, their services might be impacted… read»

Source: bostonmagazine.com  (03Jun)

FAA May Exempt Film Industry from UAV Rules… read»

Source: flyingmag.com  (03Jun)

Drones are opportunity for entrepreneurs… read»

Source: heraldnet.com  (02Jun)

Farmers hope for useful information from drones… read»

Source: agweek.com  (02Jun)

Drone Wars: Who Owns The Air? (listen)… read»

Source: npr.org  (30May)

Why the U.S. government's blanket ban on drones is bad for farmers… read»

Source: smartplanet.com  (31May)

Tree-mapping drone start-up has sky-high ambitions (Finland)… read»

Source: bbc.com  (27May)

Drones Are Ready to Save Lives, But U.S. Regulations Keep Them on the Ground… read»

Source: nbcnews.com  (24May)

Kenai (Alaska) company leading the way on unmanned aircraft radarread»

Source: alaskajournal.com  (22May)

Are Filmmakers Using Drones Illegally? Looks Like It… read»

Source: npr.org  (16May)

For Good or Bad, Intelligent, Swarming Nanobots Are the Next Frontier of Drones… read»

Source: motherboard.vice.com  (21May)

VidMuze Announces Multi-Rotor Tutorial Series for Filmmakers. Features: 24 Aerial and Film Tutorials; over 4.5 hours of professional techniques and training. Find it hereread»

Source: broadwayworld.com  (21May)

Drones join fight to protect African wildlife… read»

Source: cbsnews.com  (20May)

What Would You Do With A Drone? As the potential drone applications grow, so does the build-your-own drone movementread»

Source: smithsonianmag.com  (17May)

FAA may expedite authorizations for 'low-risk' UAVs -- ie. for films and farms -- by Novemberread»

Source: engadget.com  (18May)

Ignoring the Old Math, a San Francisco Startup Reinvents UAV Wings … read»

Source: xconomy.com  (12May)

Don't call them drones: Rocky Mountain College offers course in unmanned aerial systems… read»

Source: billingsgazette.com  (12May)

(Australia) Backyard drone operators to be handed guidelines after one crashed into the Harbour Bridge… read»

Source: dailytelegraph.com.au  (03May)

Group Plots Course for Drone Flights in Mid-Atlantic. A newly formed consortium of Mid-Atlantic states and universities are looking to meet a congressional mandate to integrate commercial drones into the national airspace system… read»

Source: govtech.com  (05May)

Drone bill dies in Louisiana House committee … read»

Source: theadvocate.com

The Public Calls for a No Drone Zone: The City Council (Berkeley, Calif.) Dithers… read»

Source: berkeleydailyplanet.com

Build a Better Drone, for Wildlife Conservation (Op-Ed)… read»

Source: livescience.com

Oregon turns its eyes to the skies as drone business takes off… read»

Source: upstart.bizjournals.com

Project mines tweets, satellite and drone imagery for disaster response… read»

Source: gcn.com

(Canada) From police work to farm inspections, drones gaining popularity… read»

Source: ctvnews.ca

As state committee (North Carolina) approves draft drone legislation, WNC reps Moffitt, Whitmire weigh in… read»

Source: carolinapublicpress.org

Louisiana: The Most Extreme State Drone Bill Yet Will Criminalize Aerial Photography (Louisiana)… read»

Source: motherboard.vice.com

The future of retail and technology? It's a game of drones… read»

Source: standard.co.uk

For N.D., drones a possible growth market… read»

Source: usatoday.com

Drones take flight in real estate business… read»

Source: newsday.com

Business looking up for unmanned aircraft at Detroit city airport… read»

Source: freep.com

Transport Canada and RCMP investigate ‘unmanned air vehicle’ close to commercial flights… read»

Source: vancouversun.com

The first commercial drone test site is now operational… read»

Source: theverge.com

Overview of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) (C-SPAN video)… read»

Source: c-span.org

Technology is changing face of farming… read»

Source: sj-r.com

U.S. commercial drone industry struggles to take off… read»

Source: computerworld.com

Unmanned aerial vehicles finding way in sectors as varied as agriculture, realty and film-making… read»

Source: economictimes.indiatimes.com

Here's How Drones Will Become A Reality In Our Daily Lives — With Huge Implications For A Variety Of Industries… read»

Source: businessinsider.com

Sherbrooke (Quebec, Canada) Fire Department Selects ING Robotic Aviation UAV To Gather Information About Flooding… read»

Source: blogs.ottawacitizen.com

Balancing privacy, jobs in the domestic drone debate… read»

Source: usatoday.com

Chinese manufacturer DJI programs Phantom drones with no-fly zones to protect Australian airports… read»

Source: au.news.yahoo.com

Businesses embrace drones despite buzz of worry… read»

Source: startribune.com

Drones now used to help sell and lease properties… read»

Source: wtsp.com

Drone Images Reveal Buried Ancient Village in New Mexico… read»

Source: livescience.com

FAA Unswayed by Do-Good Drones -- Missing-Persons Search Group Fights Agency Order to Stop Using Unmanned Aircraft… read»

Source: online.wsj.com

Canadian technology and the ‘Flight of the drones’ … read»

Source: theglobeandmail.com

UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA): first conviction sends a message to recreational users of drones that they are subject to aviation safety rules… read»

Source: dailymail.co.uk

Northrop Grumman Sponsors 2014 Outback Challenge Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Competition in Australia… read»

Source: online.wsj.com

Drones to deliver The Himalayan Times across Nepal… read»

Source: thehimalayantimes.com

Alii Nui Drone Whale-Watching (Hawaii)… read»

Source: droneabove.com

From musician to physicist to Wired editor, 3D Robotic's CEO Chris Anderson is one of the civilian UAV community's leaders and innovators… read»

Source: usatoday.com

UAV Digest 32 (podcast): Taking Autism to the Sky. Kids with autism design and build a UAS. Learning to fly and building confidence … read»

Source: theuavdigest.com

FAA appeals 'FAA vs. Pirker' decision, in which the judge threw out the first-ever fine levied on a UAV operator… read»

Source: latimes.com

Everything You Need to Know About Your Business-Class Drone… read»

Source: nationaljournal.com

FAA Under The Gun To Issue SUAS Rule… read»

Source: aviationweek.com

Companies Embracing Drone Technology Worldwide… read»

Source: cbn.com

Humanitarian UAV Pilots Network… read»

Source: diydrones.com

7 commercial uses for drones… read»

Source: boston.com

As Drones Take Off, Concerns Over Legality, Risk, Do Too… read»

Source: mediabistro.com

Facebook to buy maker of UAVs that stay in flight for up to five years. Key component of FB initiative to bring Internet to remote parts of the globe?… read»

Source: techspot.com

China again trying to manipulate the atmosphere; this time using UAVs that carry smog-reducing chemicalsread»

Source: money.cnn.com

FAA loses first big case, as judge sides with aerial photographer Raphael Pirker… read»

Source: forbes.com

Washington Nationals baseball team flies into trouble with UAV used to record spring training… read»

Source: government.brevardtimes.com

Tech like UAVs and Google Earth bring new tools to Real Estate marketread»

Source: philly.com

Innovative device hears nearby drones and can identify them by sound signatureread»

Source: voiceofrussia.com

University of Hawaii receives FAA permission (COA) to use a UAV for tree researchread»

Source: westhawaiitoday.com

Arizona lawmaker puts forward a bill to restrict air observation of persons or property… read»

Source: knau.org

In Connecticut, a bill that proposes tough penalties for using a drone while committing a crime… read»

Source: nbcconnecticut.com

Collapsible and portable Pocket Drone tri-copter will carry your action camera. It has reached almost 20X its original Kickstarter funding goal… read»

Source: kickstarter.com

Another UAV study program: an Oregon college offers a 2-year program in unmanned pilotingread»

Source: watchdog.org

The Arctic is a harsh but important testing ground for commercial UAVs, and it is legally sanctioned by the FAA… read»

Source: cnbc.com

A good starter quadcopter that's durable, and it comes with an FPV LCD screen right on the included transmitter… read»

Source: provideocoalition.com

A good example down under: UAVs were successfully used to cover Australia Day ceremonies in Canberra… read»

Source: arbitragemagazine.com

An Albuquerque (ABQ) aviation repair and maintenance shop looks forward to servicing UAVs in the futureread»

Source: abqjournal.com

Arizona real estate-related aerial photographers are getting around the FAA ban on commercial photography from the air… read»

Source: azcentral.com

In Oregon, a community event features panel discussion on the current status and future of the UAV market… read»

Source: dailybarometer.com

More News

Farmers consider drones for a variety of activities… read»

Source: radioiowa.com  (04Feb)

UAV real estate Co. to expand nationwide following FAA exemption… read»

Source: uasmagazine.com  (05Feb)

The First Ever Drone Film Festival Debuts in March (video)… read»

Source: magazine.good.is  (02Feb)

Drones for journalism… read»

Source: sdtimes.com  (03Feb)

Are UAV Ready to Rock? Indie band OK Go plays pro-drone concert at DC's legendary 9:30 Club… read»

Source: airspacemag.com

New York City Drone Film Festival Announces Films in Competition for 2015… read»

Source: broadwayworld.com  (28Jan)

Dubai: UAE to Be Among First to Regulate Drone Use… read»

Source: arabianaerospace.aero  (UAE, 19Jan)

The Birthplace of Precision-Ag UAVs:
AgEagle has put a small Kansas town on the map by providing the business model for linking UAVs with precision agriculture… read»

Source: uasmagazine.com  (12Jan)

New Crash Avoidance System for UAVs (video)… read»

Source: sparpointgroup.com  (08Jan)

Winnipeg: City man has high hopes for school for drone pilots… read»

Source: winnipegfreepress.com  (Canada, 05Jan)

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